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    Big Dogs


    Name: GHOSH
    Race: Pastor aleman
    Age: 22/2/2011
    Sex: Male
    Castrated/Esterilizado: If
    Its owners bought it in a baby farm and now with 10 years abandon him because they are divorcing and the dog no longer has a place in his life, , they wanted to sacrifice him in a vet to get him off his back, but they haven't made it and it was the vet who had to move everything to save his life., , totally malnourished due to lack of food.

    soulless people who should never approach any animal.

    now you're safe prince and every day prettier and very well maintained

    HTTPS://youtube.com/shorts/0O_w1eA2lek?feature = share
    HTTPS://youtube.com/shorts/OX8NJt7sUuc?feature = share
    HTTPS://youtube.com/shorts/3gcr9r27tPk?feature = share
    HTTPS://youtube.com/shorts/Jgo8fo0UF4c?feature = share
    HTTPS://youtube.com/shorts/FWFWFrFp_2c?feature = share
    HTTPS://youtube.com/shorts/QNIKEFmVi4s?feature = share
    HTTPS://youtube.com/shorts/dxhiVzAZqFA?feature = share