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    Volunteering in the protective

    Become a volunteer If you have free time and you like animals, do not hesitate and join a solidarity cause, Always gets much more than what is given!     What is a volunteer? The first thing you need to know, is that a volunteer is a person who by choice and for ideological reasons, ethical, moral or personal decided to devote part of their time, labour and solidarity and altruistic action resources, consideration on satisfaction, learning, experience and relationships, among others.     Why do I volunteer Volunteering allows you to acquire new knowledge and skills, as well as developing existing. In addition to being in contact with people who share your concerns and enthusiasm, the most important thing is that you marcaras a difference saving lives and helping to give the animals a second chance.
    Objectives and tasks andn the hostel The role of the volunteer inside the hostel, It would be cleaning and conditioning of the cages, change of water and food, washing of blankets and warm clothing, socialization of animals fearful or unbalanced, provide play and affection to the animals, walks with dogs, cleaning and grooming of dogs and cats, medication for sick animals, repair and maintenance of the hostel, ... etc. Always under the supervision of the volunteer officer or worker, You can indicate and guide the work of the day. The volunteer must take care of the material, ensuring that every utensil and used product remaining in the place intended for this. The veteran will indicate that animals must not gather, cages should not be mixed, or in the inside nor the outside of the protective. Taking care to always ask and or be sure that before opening a cage there is again opened in the same area, without first consulting the veteran volunteer. Calling volunteer responsibility with animals, It doesn't matter that you only come once a month, But if you commit the don't shot without warning with time to replace you.     Outside the Centre Another figure of the volunteer, would be from the outside, performing varied functions and that they can be adapted to the situation of each person;  
    • Looking for adoptive parent for animals; spread in social networks and other pages aimed at adoption of pets.
    • Organizing events to raise funds.
    • Carry and bring animals to the vet.
    • Pre-seguimientos and post-seguimientos adoptions.
    • Helping beneficial the protective markets.
    • Social networking and web page.
    • BE HOME. Something very important and vital in some of the hairy who need it most, all veterinary expenses animal received would be in charge of the protective, unless the volunteer decides to bear the cost of the same.
    • Making transport to collect the material donated and designed to improve the situation of animals in shelters.
    • Feeding and caring responsibly for the cats that live in colonies.
    Any idea or suggestion that the volunteer wants to contribute, will be of great help.
    How do you volunteer If you want to be a volunteer you must meet the following basic requirements Basic requirements
    • Be more of 18 years
    • Having a high sense of responsibility and commitment.
    • Time and continuity: Volunteering is not an activity for the summer or leisure time; If you do not have a time that you can devote to the work as a volunteer on an ongoing basis it is best that you seek another way to collaborate. Once you have entered as a volunteer you must demonstrate willingness and availability, otherwise you will be low as a volunteer. The minimum time required for carrying out the activity as a volunteer is of 1 day of the week.
    • Register and take the course (limited places) volunteer training. It occurs in the protective (a weekend). Selected individuals will be cited for the course in advance.
    • Know and accept, policies, operating procedures and working methods of the animal protective Association of Burgos (Is an Association of private character so it reserves the right of admission and expulsion of the volunteers).
    • Know and accept the duties and rights of volunteers.
    • The volunteer contract.
    Duties and rights of volunteers Rights
    • Receive information, training, orientation, support and, in your case, material resources necessary for the exercise of the functions assigned to it.
    • Be treated without discrimination, respecting your freedom, dignity, intimacy and beliefs.
    • Actively participate in the Association, collaborating in the elaboration, design, implementation and evaluation of programmes, in accordance with their statutes or rules of application.
    • Be insured against the risks of accident and illness arising directly from the exercise of voluntary activity, with features and by the insured capital established by regulation.
    • Provide a rating of their volunteer status accreditation.
    • Carry out their activity in appropriate conditions of safety and hygiene according to the nature and characteristics of the.
    • Get respect and recognition by the social value of their contribution.
    • Know and assume the ideology, statutes, purposes, programs, Regulation standards and methods of work of the Association.
    • Respect the Association without using her own benefit.
    • Maintain confidentiality and discretion.
    • Make a responsible use of the property that the Association puts at your disposal.
    • Properly use the accreditation Association provides.
    • Interrupt the collaboration as justifiably requested by the Association.
    • Engage in free and responsible manner, fulfilling the commitments and carrying out earnestly the tasks assigned.
    • Sue and participate in training activities.
    • Get further information, before committing, on the task and responsibilities that accept, and consider if you have time and enough energy.
    • In the event of resignation, communicating it in advance to avoid damages to animals or to the Association.
    • Maintain an open and cooperative attitude towards the directions of the Association.
    • Participate imaginatively in the Association.
    • Be well vaccinated tetanus (or if it doesn't, sign the document of exemption from liability on the Association.


    • If you wish to contact us and become a volunteer write us an email to protectoraburgos@Hotmail.com, We will contact you and will arrange for course day, Volunteering etc contract.