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    Our guests


    Name: GUIZA
    Race: Pastor aleman
    Age: 1/6/2014
    Sex: female
    Castrated/Esterilizado: If


    Name: TITO
    Race: Mestizo
    Age: 1/5/2020
    Sex: Male
    Castrated/Esterilizado: If


    Name: ANGEL
    Age: 1/1/2019
    Sex: MALE
    Castrated/Esterilizado: If


    Name: BRIOCHE
    Age: 1/3/2021
    Sex: MALE
    Castrated/Esterilizado: IF





    Name: PIPO
    Race: Mestizo prey
    Age: 01/10/2018
    Sex: Male
    Castrated/Esterilizado: If
    It is a very good dog, sociable with everyone, easy, grateful, loving. You are looking for a home forever and not grow in a cage.



    Name: WANDA
    Race: Mestiza Presa
    Age: 01/07/2013
    Sex: Female
    Castrated/Esterilizado: If
    It is a very sweet dog, Take it easy, educated, patient and good. You need a home of truth.

    Video Wanda and Willow: https://youtu.be/mOHtlV9POOc

    Video Wanda and Willow: https://youtu.be/wxiZb_6m6nU

    Video Wanda and Willow: https://youtu.be/mqGrQArA9JU

    Video Wanda and Willow: https://youtu.be/rcKDj2ePJq0

    Video Wanda and Willow: https://youtu.be/EJqlvAZ0UrU



    Name: KITTY
    Race: European common
    Age: 01/04/2017
    Sex: Female
    Castrated/Esterilizado: If
    Saved from the Kennel of Burgos. It is a cat that came in very poor condition due to immunodeficiency, Now this very well, looking for a home where they want it, with other cats with immunodeficiency, or without cats or dogs, but with negative cats can't live.


    Name: NANO
    Race: Mestizo Dam
    Age: 01/06/2017
    Sex: Male
    Castrated/Esterilizado: If
    Abandoned by its owner, regardless of anything, and in the most evil way. You need a home of truth, adorable is very quiet, educated and good.


    Nano video: https://youtu.be/DgGGaVL9eMs


    Name: WILLOW
    Race: Mestizo prey
    Age: 01/01/2017
    Sex: Male
    Castrated/Esterilizado: If
    It is adorable, all nobility, sweetness, a wonderful and completely pure being. Need a home of truth really deserves it.



    Name: CLAUDIA
    Race: Mestizo
    Age: 01/12/2014
    Sex: Male
    Castrated/Esterilizado: Not

    The dog is more cheerful and grateful for the world, very very affectionate, and playful. You need a home where to play much with her and walks to give.



    Name: DAY
    Race: mestizo dam
    Age: 01/06/2016
    Sex: Female
    Castrated/Esterilizado: Not
    Taken from the municipal Kennel of Burgos. It is a very playful dog, fun. Active. You need a home of truth.



    Name: NUTELLA
    Race: Mestiza prey
    Age: 01/03/2016
    Sex: Female
    Castrated/Esterilizado: Not

    Found in a Bush tied so he died of hunger and thirst. Now you only need a home of truth, is active and loving, needs to play a lot and you want it.

    Video of Nutella: HTTPS://video /V7WVCpx26Cc
    Video of Nutella: https://youtu.be/6Jk8xteXLEk


    Name: PUDDIN
    Race: X labrador
    Age: 01/09/2015
    Sex: Male
    Castrated/Esterilizado: If
    His previous life has not been good, but now it is very much a second chance. When you know it is very very good.


    Video of Puddin: https://youtu.be/MKEOESiFedA


    Name: DUKE
    Race: mestizo dam
    Age: 01/08/2013
    Sex: Male
    Castrated/Esterilizado: If

    Duke video: https://youtu.be/Ta44OqOuGD4

    Duke video: https://youtu.be/EOIoryTHOOI

    Duke video: https://youtu.be/ikh1MepYNqw

    Duke video: https://youtu.be/SJCsojgaTVw

    Duke video: https://youtu.be/Cvx9Fvq4MXY