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    There are older animals needing a home with more urgency than the rest in the protective. The winter of Burgos, with its low temperatures, becomes very hard for them. If you can and want to give them a home, permanently or temporarily, will appreciate you more than none. They also have the advantage of being very quiet and loving animals.

    HELP TO OUR GRANDPARENTS!! !!… they are as follows


    Name: GHOSH
    Race: Pastor aleman
    Age: 22/2/2011
    Sex: Male
    Castrated/Esterilizado: If
    Its owners bought it in a baby farm and now with 10 years abandon him because they are divorcing and the dog no longer has a place in his life, , they wanted to sacrifice him in a vet to get him off his back, but they haven't made it and it was the vet who had to move everything to save his life., , totally malnourished due to lack of food.

    soulless people who should never approach any animal.

    now you're safe prince and every day prettier and very well maintained

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