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    Animal sponsorship




    Each year, thousands of dogs and cats come to the shelter after having been abandoned. In Spain, the number of abandonments of pets is undetermined, as it is only considered those arriving with life in reception centres. However, the abandoned are all, those arriving and those who are on the road.

    Animal protective entities

    The shelters that House abandoned animals are usually private and are supported with donations from private individuals as, first and foremost, in them, fight for the welfare of the animals and his life. On the other hand, in the majority of Spanish municipal centres continues sacrificing thousands of dogs and cats each year.

    The animals having lucky to reach a shelter are attended by people who seek to give them the best food, veterinary care, and help them overcome great trauma involving abuse and neglect dealing. Animals, just as human beings, After suffering a traumatic experience, feel afraid, Peña, Soledad, sadness, depression, and a long etcetera, that it can overcome only with the help of their caregivers.

    The main objective of the shelters is that animals are adopted and have a second chance. Unfortunately, today, There are many more animals than people willing to adopt. For this reason, thousands of dogs and cats live for many years in shelters.

    It is a moral responsibility for all us that animals abandoned by society live with dignity during the time you are at refugio.

    For all this, the figure of the Godfather is essential.

    Sponsor an animal

    The sponsorship consists in offering a voluntary contribution to help the animals to have a good quality of life and that the essential is missing them while they live in the refuge.

    Sponsoring an animal you will help all those who are in the shelter, contributing at the same time that you hostels them may be as close as possible to that home which still can not enjoy.

    To the sponsor, as a sponsor you will receive updated information and photographs of the animal, we'll let you know when you've found a home and you'll receive photos and information with your family. Sponsorship is a figure in aid to animals at the nearest shelter, less cold.


    Children can also be godparents

    If you have children and your illusion is having a dog or a cat at home, do not buy it, considered ADOPT IT as first choice. Having an animal at home means a great responsibility. In addition to devote time each day to walk and play, It requires a significant economic cost in power, veterinarian and accessories. On the other hand you have to have him on your vacation, weekend, etc. Educate your children about responsible animal ownership is very important and it is our duty to make them understand that animals are living beings capable of feeling and suffering. A way to share in the life of an abandoned animal is making them godfathers, in this way, children will develop their sense of responsibility, respect and protection for them.


    Sponsor an animal is to contribute to the protection of animals. Write us an email to: protectoraburgos@Hotmail.com and inform you of everything you need.

    Print sponsorship, You can download it here: Click on the following link: click to open and download: APADRINA-new quota . The Association of Burgos animal protective reserves the right of admission, If within the period of one month not received communication, the application has been rejected. You have to fill it with your data and each month you spend a receipt. The minimum is 7 Euros per month, for each sponsored animal, the amount exceeding the minimum deemed unable to provide, just need to communicate this, If at any time you want to change only need to notify. The form can be delivered in person or if you prefer to send it by email to the above designated mail.