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    We already have Christmas lottery, the draw is the day 22 December of 2020. National lottery draw. Number 90549. The shares are 4 euros more 1 euro surcharge,donation. We know that there is a long way to go until December but this year the life we have to live is very atypical and difficult so the sale of lottery is complicated and we have to try everything. If you want to sell us lottery, being a point of sale you can contact us by Facebook or by email protectoraburgos@hotmail.cOm. May luck be with us, hope is the last thing you lose. As we have points of sale we will include it. Points of Sale *Asociacion protectora de animales de Burgos. Carretera Quintanadueñas, km 2.8. From Burgos. * Marina Cañas Pharmacy, Catholic Monarchs num.20 of Burgos. * Gamonal Veterinary Clinic, Avda de los Derechos Humanos num.54 de burgos. *Veterinary Clinic the dolphins street Hortelanos 18 of burgos. * Peponas street Francisco Grandmontagne 21 Burgos * Tazitas street Santiago num. 22 Burgos. *Fisiocanis street cordoba 3 under 2 de burgos *Cynos Castilla, Plastimetal warehouses in Burgos. * Addae Calle Juan Bravo num 18 Burgos. * Like the dog and the cat, canine hairdressing, Calle Vicente Alexandre num.15 de Burgos * Hairdresser Guapetones Calle San Pedro Cardeña num 20 Burgos. * Bar Romanceros, Calle Romancero num.18 de Burgos. * Shoe Store Calzaditos Calle Salas 14 Burgos. * Nebursa Avda Constitucion num 20 Burgos. * Can Can clothes, Equality Street num 1 Burgos. * Aguilar Veterinary Clinic, San Pedro Cardeña Street num 26 Burgos. * Tropical Zoo Avda del Cid num 66 Burgos. * Cafeteria Bahia, Ros Chacel Street 2 Burgos. * Cafeteria Dess, Dess Street Villalon Street 39 Burgos. * Tavern of Villariezo in Villariezo Burgos. * Commercial Fisac Calle Calzadas 4 Burgos * Kelpie. Maria Moliner Street, 6 Burgos. * Veterinary clinic fuentecillas. Fco Street. Velez, 1 Burgos.