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We seek to share with you adoptions, positive news, helps us a bit to not be so sad we give and give strength. But the reality is very hard, psychologically there is very strong and not decline because we need. KESA is a female of maybe 3 years or maybe more or less.
It has been rescued in these conditions. A perforated eye, infection, his broken legs with sticks. Can't even walk upright legs of alante. Long long ago its owner killed it, for the was dead with sticks, inexplicably survived, No one knows how long was unconscious, how much suffered, After all this, He has roamed the town for months in these conditions. Now already is safe, your infection controlled with medication, When you can close your Darling, many sequels never will be solved, now our goal will be to want it and prove it is people can give it much love that pain will go. It is a phrase very exploited but necessary. The more we know the human cruelty but we want to animals. We want to welcome kesa. Finally don't know who denounce although we suppose where vivia santibañez de esgueva is known the case, but not the full name at least we do not. The poor creature is nothing deapercivida. On Saturday we will have collection will try to raise funds to pay the high expenses have refuge. Being very present kesita.