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    What is feline leukemia?


    gato tumbadoLovers of domestic cats tend to pick up more than one cat in your home. This solidarity and honorable action likely to endanger the health of others cats those who already have. The care that we seek our cat should be implemented from day, taking him to the vet so delete possible parasites that may have, In addition to observing him to determine that it is free of any other disease that might endanger your life. Some of the viral processes common in felines are the herpesvirus or the Calicivirus but there is also much more serious ills, like for example, feline leukemia.

    A widespread virus

    The feline leukemia ES, today, one of the causes of widespread mortality, especially in places where there is a lot of stray cats. These cats are not medically controlled and, Therefore, they are exposed to a greater degree to the virus that causes it. Is detected thanks to the analysis of blood, Since your symptoms may not appreciate a simple view.

    It is transmitted through saliva in adult cats, but the litters born females infected, they are born because carrying this disease by the placenta or via breast milk.

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    The statistics of cats with leukemia within the international framework, because of the marked differences between countries and others, they throw a few average percentages of between the 2 and the 15% of the total feline population. The males are more likely to get this disease than females, While the risk of a cat from getting it the strip of age covering the first five years of life as the most critical view.

    Fatal consequences

    The retroviruses, FeLV, Head of feline leukemia, does that in the lymph nodes(especially in lungs, kidneys and mediastinum) develop tumors called linfosarcomas. One of the most feared consequences of this disease is the cancellation of the functions of bone marrow from the cat. This fact leads to the emergence of a blood complication called non-regenerative anemia.
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    It may be the case for this virus to act not tumour-shaped. The immune system It is then that begins to fail leaving our beloved kitten without the option to defend against infections of all kinds, from those related to the respiratory system eye diseases and even dental. The scope for action of this retrovirus may also cover problems ranging from impotence in reproduction to ailments related to the liver and even, Kidney discomfort and a long etcetera of bacterial or secondary infections.

    Vaccination, the best ally

    gato blanco enfermoVeterinary research has succeeded in developing vaccines, excellentto address a possible contagion cat. Strict monitoring of a vaccination schedule prescribed by our veterinarian will avoid the unpleasant surprise to see how our cat contracting a disease. Prevention is a fundamental rule since, on many occasions, existing treatments once the cat is sick, not are the sufficiently effective to save your life.

    If our cat is affected by this virus and was not vaccinated at the time, In addition to separate you from the rest of cats, their life expectancy will be disabled, mainly, virulence of virus, other possible infections that have cat-like and also their physical Constitution, age and general health status, especially, your immune system.

    The veterinarian will recommend us drugs to enhance your immunity, In addition to some antibiotics for secondary infections, which are the cause of the 50% death in cats, After a blood test, Leukemia is has been diagnosed them.

    It is equally important that the cat will continue one normal life but watching their nutrition and being very aware of their movements. This cancer will kill the cat, but measures are taken within a short space of time, so there is that be aware and fight to maintain their quality of life.