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    Donations to the protective

    Any donation of material is welcome. Anything that you are not worth, Surely we can give you a good use. Before you pull it you think of them.

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    Feed for dogs/cats: The food is always necessary and grateful only that we always clarify that, a sack of feed in a grocery store or veterinarian, by very cheap to let you it, you will always be more expensive than a us, so, so you spend buying it, Surely we could buy more quantity. So, If it can be, We prefer that if you buy I think, you report it to us and so we can buy it at lower price with your donation and amount.


    Belts and necklaces, Brushes: Our dogs need to each have a necklace, and in cages break break down so we need collars constantly, It is also very important to have straps to pass them. Also to have cleaned and brush our animals and for this we need brushes to brush them.


    Earth for cats: You have cats know perfectly the requirements that these have, and among them is your place where you make your needs, with sand for this purpose, It is something that spends a lot given the number of cats in the shelter.

    Cleaning materials: Daily cleaned cages and, they are also washing clothes (towels, rags, sheets…) that I use for the furry, so you can imagine the amount of products we spend, We tend to spend bleach in cleaning, clean floors, washing machine detergent, normal and industrial garbage bags, hand SOAP… In addition to the tools to do it, buckets to scrub, mops, brooms, brushes…

    Textile: Many of the animals that come, they do in bad conditions, abused, with wounds, with diarrhea or vomiting… and both for them and for the puppies or cats, We use towels, blankets, sheets… all kinds of textiles similar to these that we can serve to give heat, curl them or wipe dry them after bath. These are washed but there are many that we cannot because even washes could transmit disease to bring the animal newcomer by what we wear out quickly and always need, especially in winter.


    Medical material: Apart from medicines that already is something most sensible to buy, also used material more accessible to anyone as latex gloves, disposable masks, disposable aprons, bands, cotton, alcohol…

    Internal and external parasite:. By the Protocol of entry of each animal at the shelter all are properly dewormed both inside and outside, repeating it to the 15 days, also fixed population that takes longer is regularly wormed, in summer we also have to fight against the dreaded ticks, so the amount of parasite that we use is very high.

    Office supplies: It every day from the hostel is not only directly related to animals, also requires much paperwork, Organization and administration, and so we need materials that allow us to it, such as: folios, cardboards, pens, scissors, staplers, Staples, proofreaders, felt-tip pens for whiteboards, permanent marker pens, markers, Notepads… ,sthey post: they come to us very well, Since you always have to send letters to members and adopters and, There are more and more, spending increases. If whenever we send a letter we send within a couple of seals, We will reduce the cost considerably and you help us without great effort.

    TEAMING:The protector of Burgos is also in Teaming: for only one euro per month, Granite-granite can be very beneficial to animals comes: HTTPS://www.teaming.net/ayudaalaprotectoradeburgos

      PayPal: account PayPal: protectoraburgos@Hotmail.com

    For donations in money can be made.:.

    IBERCAJA www.ibercaja.es

    Account: 2085 4859 5203 30112247

    IBAN: ES84 2085 4859 5203 30112247

    BIC code (SWIFT): CAZRES2Z