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    Allergies to cats.

    The obvious answer is: stay away from them! But if you're a lover of cats, I will like to know that there are ways of making things much easier.

    Are you allergic?

    Many homeowners do not realize that they are allergic to your pet at the beginning. Karen Hayes is an owner of cats that are not learned until a friend took her to a feline exhibition:

    “I had grown accustomed to frequent sneezing attacks and irritation of the eyes, but it blamed him to the fact of living in an old house full of dust. Only when I went to a feline exhibition, in a pavilion with hundreds of specimens, I discovered that I could be allergic to my own cats.

    Be in the exhibition didn't affect me badly; They chipped away at me eyes and felt an intense itching in las palmas. I began to realize that, When my cats stayed at home for longer periods or if they slept in my bed, I woke with strong cold symptoms". Fortunately for her, Karen was able to take certain measures to control your allergies and now lives with her cats without excessive annoyances.

    What causes really these allergies? Many people believe that the problem is cat hair, but in reality it's glandular secretions of protein type. After his grooming sessions, the cat has dry saliva (rich in these secretions) for all the fur. It is also clear dead skin flakes (dandruff) around the House. They are five times smaller than the dust particles, so they float in the air for a long time before perching, so it is easy to inhale them.

    Are better than the long-haired, short-haired cats? The truth is that not. In some cases, Research has shown that long-haired cats can be even better than the short hair. There is a breed that does not cause any problems, but we should know that male cats produce more protein secretions to females, and that castrated males produce less than non-neutered.

    What can I do to reduce the risk? There are two main factors that affect the amount of allergens in your home. First of all, the upholstery and clothing House that you have, and second, If you have your cat inside or outside. If you can be inside, to limit the amount of time, or having it only in certain parts of the House. Mattresses, quilts, linens and upholstery attract allergens, so don't let you sleep on them, by location to find your bed.

    Cleaning is key You'll have to steam clean your carpets every three months, so it is best to get used to the idea. Allergens stick easily to carpets and vacuuming can aggravate the problem because it makes flying through the air. An idea might be to use a special carpet cleaner; There are many models on the market. In addition, make sure you use washable anti-allergy covers everywhere possible House, especially in your bed. Wash bedding at least once every two weeks, at higher temperature to 40 ° C. Keep the windows open for as long as possible to facilitate the exit of allergens and enable new and fresh air circulation. At the end of the possibilities, You can always consider change to plain wood or vinyl floors and sofas, easy cleaning that you can wash regularly. It is hard work but!, by it, every second is worth!

    What about medication? Don't forget that you can always receive medication to combat the itching of throat and eye irritation. Many different drugs are marketed, over-the-counter or prescription, and even injections. Combining these treatment with all previous Councils, You can live much more at ease with your cat.