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We clarified that the protective is an association without encourage non-profit it rests with private support from good-hearted people who contribute money to get ahead 500 animals each year with a monthly average of 200 animals per month.

The ground where the protective is given in precarious by the City Council but quite all there is inside from the wires of the light up to the water pipes, fences, up to the concrete floor has been paid with private help.

Does 8 years when there were no more protective associations in the city of Burgos and following the 12 municipal kennel puppies (financed with money from the city council of Burgos) of those puppies died of parvo 10 of the 12, we saw so unprotected puppies that no one gave veterinary care, no vaccines, nor anything that was signed a free agreement with the City Council that every dog puppy or cat that entered the kennel would have to be taken to the protector, this has meant for 8 hundreds and hundreds of animals saved from the kennel, and a lot of veterinary expenses, added to the animals that go directly into the protector that do not come from the kennel.

A few years ago two things changed.

1.) the person in charge of the municipal kennel, worker of the company that has arranged the town hall for the collection of animals is a much more experienced person in treating animals, socialize them, cleaning guidelines. United with the refurbse that the facilities of the municipal kennel in Villafría have been reformed, putting a material on the floors, hygienic to prevent leaks, virus, Bacteria.

2.) Several protective associations emerge that even if they have no shelter, if they have foster homes where they can serve babies, because a shelter is not what they need.

A few months ago when the situation became unsustainable because the protector collects animals directly, not just those who come through the kennel, an Instance is written to the City Council of Burgos where it is explained that the agreement should be amended to distribute the litters, puppies among all associations. We had a meeting and at that meeting we are told that the agreement cannot be partially broken that the only solution is to rescind it completely or continue as before.

We've endured 1 Month, two months, 6 months, but when animals don't fit, money doesn't come, you have to make a decision and the decision is not to give animals under any conditions for them to come out, the solution is not to lower the quality of life and endanger the lives of existing ones, but not to go on with a free agreement that was made only for the sake of animals, in no province, city of Spain have such an agreement, because it's unsustainable to be able to carry it out.

With all the pain of our hearts we have broken it. The solution is not “disappointing yourself” by the protector now does not make free an obligation of others. The solution is to castrate cats from the street, enable protected places where you can drop them, the solution is not to tell all the irresponsible owners to take their litters to a vet because from there they go to the kennel and the kennel to the protector or tell them to take them directly to the kennel because they go to the protector.

The solution is an education, some laws, and above all that the authorities do something to all those people who breed, Leave, have their animals without a chip, get responsible animal tenure.

All City Councils, MPs have agreements with companies, where they receive financial compensation in exchange for a job, we want to clarify that's not the reason we've been forced to break the deal, but because of the lack of human resources (welcome houses) materials (space in the shelter). The municipality of Burgos has an agreement with the company service semat for the collection of abandoned animals in Burgos, like other town halls, MPs have companies that fully manage collections, if the semat can't make a full pick-up, you should tackle the problem at the root and look for a solution.

We clarify that other years if we have received the annual public grant, in recent years, distributed with other protective associations, this grant has nothing to do with the direct puppy collection agreement.

We remember that if the 500 animals collected per year by the privately assisted protector would not have been carried out, would have been the kennel town council in charge of its management.

We will remove animals from the municipal kennel of Burgos as we do with the kennel of the deputation, Aranda kennel, etc, when we can, per site, economic means because to these are added all the animals that we collect directly.