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    Welcome to our website

    We are the protector of animals of Burgos. More than pass through our facilities 700 new animals a year, with one “fixed population” monthly superior to the 200 individuals, between dogs, cats.

    If you want to meet you and help make your stay here as best as possible, You can do this in many ways, discover them by visiting our website…

    Latest news

    SATURACION. EL DOBLE ANIMALES QUE PODEMOS CUIDAR. 17 June, 2018 Estimados Sres.: Queremos comunicar que tenemos el doble de animales que podemos cuidar, mantener y dar una vida digna.   Que la protectora es una entidad privada, que no ha recibido 2017 ni en lo que llevamos del 2018 un solo céntimo del Ayuntamiento ni otras entidades publicas.   Cada día recibimos camadas de gatos y perros, perros adultos abandonados, peticiones de personas que quieren abandonar a sus animales, la solución no es que una protectora sin recursos suficientes acoja a el doble de animales que puede mantener como se merecen porque ...

    RUBURAL . FESTIVAL. SATURDAY DAY 12 MAY. THERE WILL BE. 10 May, 2018 RUBURAL . FESTIVAL. SABADO DIA 12 DE MAYO. ALLI ESTAREMOS. RUBURAL: Festival. Saturday day 12 may of 11:00 h to 22:30 (h), place: Gardens of the old military Hospital. We are very grateful to participate with a stand, Thank you for having us. I hope is really interesting. You can not miss. RUBURAL is a festival for everyone who seeks to highlight the work that ARTIMusic festivals, DEMANDAFOLK and Pollogómez Folk and Burgos University carried out to contribute to the dev…ollo in the Rural Environment and enhance its resources. RUBURAL surge ...

    General Assembly minutes. 7 May, 2018 Inform all our partners that already is available the minutes of the General Assembly on the day 16 April of the 2018. All those partners who want to read the Act please contact the protective via email to : protectoraburgos@hotmail.com indicating name, surname and we will answer them as soon as possible. Thank you for becoming a member of our Association, Thanks to you we can save so many lives of defenseless beings.

    S.O.S KESA. FIGHTER NEEDS OUR HELP. 5 April, 2018 S.O.S KESA. LUCHADORA NECESITA NUESTRA AYUDA. We seek to share with you adoptions, positive news, helps us a bit to not be so sad we give and give strength. But the reality is very hard, psychologically there is very strong and not decline because we need. KESA is a female of maybe 3 years or maybe more or less. … It has been rescued in these conditions. A perforated eye, infection, his broken legs with sticks. Can't even walk upright legs of alante. Long long ago its owner killed it, for the ...


    ZIPP CINNAMON TWO LOVES 4 March, 2018 ZIPP CANELA DOS AMORESZipp when you want it, He returns you love. Abandoned by a Hunter along with his brother Cuzco, has a wonderful family. Zipp is esperandola. Cinnamon. Very fun and tireless. Protectoraburgos@hotmail.com

    BOTH DESERVES GIVEN AN OPPORTUNITY 4 March, 2018 DADO MERECE TANTO UNA OPORTUNIDADGiven, male 5 years old. Saved from a horrible ship where he lived next to Dolly, DIXI and Pacha they found his home. Die still waiting for. Sub, He loves to chase butterflies.😊 Protectoraburgos@hotmail.com

    VANILLA AND TIRAMISSU NOT TO HUNT 25 February, 2018 VAINILLA Y TIRAMISSU NO A LA CAZAWe do not tire of saying that the Association protective animals of Burgos is against hunting, dogs we receive every day from hunters who have used for years and then discarded like trash, that each day on roads, Montes, There is no chip dogs abandoned by hunters. There are thousands of dogs bad living in caches without light, tiny cages where not may not foot and etc and no one does anything about it. We do not give dog hunters. We invite you to ...

    DENI A YEAR AGO TO GET AND SEND US NOW A SALUDITOS FROM YOUR HOME. 25 February, 2018 DENI HACE UN AÑO QUE LLEGO Y AHORA NOS MANDA UN SALUDITO DESDE SU HOGAR.Deni rescued of the Kennel with us became a beautiful dog and is now his home is a happy dog.  

    THANKS TO VOLTA AND ABI POWER 25 February, 2018 A very fun night with Abi Power, listening to good music with Volta. Thanks immensely to tell in his concerts with the protective of animals from the City visit, a remarkable detail. We wish you all the luck in the world. MANY THANKS.