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    Welcome to our website

    We are the protector of animals of Burgos. More than pass through our facilities 700 new animals a year, with one “fixed population” monthly superior to the 200 individuals, between dogs, cats.

    If you want to meet you and help make your stay here as best as possible, You can do this in many ways, discover them by visiting our website…

    Latest news

    POINTS OF SALE OF CALENDARS AND LOTTERY. 13 October, 2017 PUNTOS DE VENTA DE CALENDARIOS Y LOTERIA.Here are the points of sale of calendars and lottery, with your help we make it possible. Thank you and the points of sale will be happy to assist and collaborate in this great help. Sale of calendars and lottery: Burgos animal protective Association: Carretera Quintanadueñas, km. 2.8 next challenge. Gamonal Veterinary Clinic: Eladio Pearl Street 54 under. Hairdresser Stylo and Color: Calle San Julian 5 under. Foundation oxygen. Avda Costa Rica 150. Cynops Castilla: Calle Vitoria 160 under. Bad-Sana'a: Calle La Puebla 27 ...

    WE ALREADY HAVE OUR PRECIOUS CAT BASKET WINNER 9 October, 2017 Here you can see our sweepstakes: THE winning Úrsula Urdampileta https://uploaded/OqZ9C5BK6M4 https://uploaded/UxiGjGQw6WM

    CALENDARS AND LOTTERY IN FAVOR OF THE PROTECTIVE ANIMALS OF BURGOS 29 September, 2017 If you want to help the little ones of the protective help them by buying calendar and lottery in favor of the protective. Ponto will provide points of sale.  


    FAIR PARTICIPATION 23 September, 2017 You hope, We will be happy to explain the work we do and the needs that have our shelter animals. Thank you for not looking elsewhere.  

    Wonderful ride with our Angels. 16 July, 2017 Paseo maravilloso con nuestros ángeles.The day 15 July has been a wonderful day and we want to express it in writing. Accompanied by our sponsors that are fantastic with a huge heart and unconditional love towards our furry, and as no players our sheltered in refuge, sociable dogs, handsome, they only need a home where is portarían as well….. so so loving. With this way of making them visible we bring our animals and our work to all people. Thank you small to be angels, Thank you sponsors and volunteers because the ...

    Become a partner or sponsor 18 June, 2017 We want to remind you because many people ask it to us of the protective supports are, basically is the contributions private since public subsidies cover the years that have been spending a month food. Private contributions means, partners, godparents, donations, support of companies with donations in kind, adoptions to cover veterinary expenses. Thanks to you we can accommodate the large number of animals that pass through our facilities and collect 700 animals a year. Thank you of heart by not looking elsewhere, ...

    SOLIDARITY MARKET PROTECTIVE. 4 June, 2017 We invite you to visit our solidarity market, for a donation you can take a fun little something, that money will be invested in power continue to help abandoned animals that we have collected and to pick up many more that need it. I hope once a month in the RAM, We will also be at specific moments elsewhere as parral. Find us and there you will see things very nice to have a reminder of the animals of the protector of Burgos.    

    General Assembly minutes. 24 May, 2017 Communicate to all our partners and sponsors that already is available the minutes of the General Assembly on the day 12 April of the 2017. All those partners and sponsors who want to read the Act please contact the protective via email to : protectoraburgos@hotmail.com indicating name, surname and we will answer them as soon as possible. Thank you for becoming a member of our Association, Thanks to you we can save so many lives of defenseless beings.  

    PRESS RELEASE 21 March, 2017 Since the protective Association of animals and plants of Burgos and the story that appeared in the local press and on social networks that are poured falsehoods about the operation and the fate of the animals received in the refuge, We feel obliged to make the following statement. The protector of Burgos never has been nor seen in animals that come to its facilities a business opportunity. Any animal that comes out of the facilities in any ...