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    From the Protector of Animals of Burgos we wish you 🎄Merry Christmas.🎄
    Health for all and that they can be with their loved ones.
    We will continue to take care of and love our hosts now and always, innocent people who lived abandonment and abuse and now seek their opportunity.
    Gone is the bad and we look forward with force.
    Thank you to all the big-hearted people who watch over animals.
    Having an animal in your life is a privilege, and makes you a better person. Beings of Light and noble souls, with respect we can achieve a better world, learning a lot from animals, where there is no hatred, bad faith.
    Enjoy every moment, life is beautiful you just have to know how to live it, and together with an animal it becomes immensely special.
    Merry Christmas and may all our dreams come true next year.💚