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    Due to the saturation that we have and the lack of cages to accommodate more cats, the protector is forced to leave to catch cats.
    Will be provided to the person who finds a cat help to allow the animal to escape in adoption, food will be provided, stones, wedge, is desparasitará him and vaccinated running expenditure carried out by the protective. If you need veterinary care also the protective would pay it. And all this despite the fact that we are in a disastrous economic situation, so pleased that the person who finds the animal also collaborating cost-effectively.
    But all this will have to be from your home, If we want to help we have to put all of our party, It no longer serves "I get a cat in the street and took him to the protective", because the situation is bordering on madness for us and for the dozens of cats that are collected and whose life is not worthy in a mini cage.
    Sorry, but we have no more space or means to take care of more cats from Burgos. CURRENTLY WELCOME TO ALMOST 100 CATS, a number unthinkable in any other protector of Spain.
    What is communicating here is applicable to all, whether they are godfathers, partners, walkers, acquaintances, friends, adoptive parents… all, by what we ask you to do is to spread the word, for which this measure can be performed immediately. In other provinces the protectors can operate as well, We have to try.
    Wanting to help should have everyone's effort, remembering that we who work in the protective are volunteers, i.e., We're like any of you; We have a family, works, couples, everyday problems... and the same obstacles that you can have you to reconcile your life with the care of an animal, because imagine hundreds of them…
    Create a string in which all put on our part is: one collects, We provide everything so you can take care, get vaccinated… and objective a permanent home.
    It helps to spread this information, and above all to make compliance, Please.