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    Collection of Stoppers

    A CAP = A HELP.tapones

    In the autumn of 2012 We started this plastic caps campaign. VAT had passed from the 8% to the 21% for drugs and Veterinary assistance. Together with the absence of public aid and private donations decrease, We started to look for new forms of finance.

    So we decided to start the collection of the puppies from the protective plugs. The involvement of all the Burgos is being wonderful: On average, we collect a ton (200€) each month and half or two months. This money is entirely to move forward with our work. We invite you to visit our shelter and to check as we improve the quality of life within our means and as live attended our collected.

    The puppies still need your help: Brings together all the plugs you can and suggest that your company is a collection point. Plugs can always be left on the doorstep of the protective, the 24 hours a day.

    If you want to be a pick up point, simply download this poster and put it in a visible place. You also have to let us know through Facebook or email (protectoraburgos@Hotmail.com), so we can add it to the list that appears below.

    In the end, you'll find all types of lids and caps we collect, your destination is the recycling and not all types of plastic are used for this purpose.

    Thank you for working on the collection of plugs for the puppies!!!

     •1- Water bottles caps, Coca-Cola, soft drinks... •2- Detergents type Norit plugs.
     •3- KH-7 type cleaners guns, Cristasol.
     •4- Type cleaners plugs soon.
     • 5- Nozzles of producers who sprayed the Toke type.
     •6- Mistol concentrate siphon type nozzles.
     • 7- Tapas of cheese Philadelphia type.
     •8- Plastic caps of pots of paint to paint walls.
     •9- Plastic caps of supplements for bodybuilders type Nitro-Tech boats.
     •10- Caps of mayonnaise and Ketchup dispensers that are used in Hamburger.
     •11- Toothpaste caps.
     •12- Roll type Dove deodorants plugs.
     •13- Coca-Cola tapas and drinks that are used in Burger King and Mc Donalds to cover vessels of these drinks.
     •14- Tuppers caps to bring food.
     •15- Inner plastic toy of Kinder chocolate eggs package.
     •16- The Jets sink soap dispensers.
     •17- Tetra-briks milk and nozzle Cap.
     •18- Cover of Talc powder.
     •19- Lid and around the container in the Orbit gum boxes.
     •20- The type of Dodot wipes boxes cover.
     •21- The lipstick Cap.
     •22- The type of La Gula del Norte of Aguinaga Terrine.
     •23- The Eko type boat covers, Nescafe, Cola Cao, Nesquik.
     •24- •25 Portalentillas- Felt-tip pens and Bic pens caps.
     •26- Containers type cheese Arias Borough covers.
     •27- Bar type Pritt glue •28- •29 medication dosing cups- Insulin pens plugs for diabetics.
     •30- Douwe Egberts coffee pods, Oquendo served... provided that they are plastic and it is not the coffee inside.
     •31- Children's milk-caps type Milupa.
     •32- Baby food caps "Mediterranean cuisine" Hero Baby •33- Nestlé Naturness fruit caps.
     •34- The capsules to fill syringes.
     •35- Caps of nipples that are used so no staining.
     •36- The balls that have inside toys for children •37- Caps of candy them type Zara.
     •38- The mask of Delyplus container lid.
     •39- The cotton to bring the Chinese food, both taper and container.
     •40- Tipex Cap, by removing the brush.
     •41- Butane cylinders plugs.
     •42- Softeners plugs.
     •43- The Arielitas of the type detergent Ariel who put in the washer.
     •44- Dust Remover Kalia/Neutrex type boxes.
     •45- Plugs of hair foam boats.
     •46- The gominas of hair plugs.
     •47- Caps bottles caps shaving foam.
     •48- Shampoos and Bath gels plugs.
     •49- Moisturizers plugs.
     •50- Mouthrinses plugs.
     •51- Cream spray cans plugs.
     •52- especiasOLMOSALBOS cans lids:  Restores