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    Once upon a time a very cruel people who dropped out to Pitty snowing inside a box, When not told us we gave credit, It is horrible for any cat to stop as well, but for Pity a lot more because to the missing its leg of alante.

    When rescued you, died of cold, asustadisimo, has embraced strong us strong and look what all said, Thank you not me you do damage, We promised you that never anybody harm you would never, not all the humannos son como quien le hizo eso, que también hay humanos con corazón grande y mucho amor que darle.

    Hoy podemos decir que su oportunidad llegó. QUE SEAS MUY FELIZ, Alma noble y Bonita.

    Te queremos y nos alegramos enormemente de haber podido ayudarte, aprendemos mucho de vosotros.