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There are older animals needing a home with more urgency than the rest in the protective. The winter of Burgos, with its low temperatures, becomes very hard for them. If you can and want to give them a home, permanently or temporarily, will appreciate you more than none. They also have the advantage of being very quiet and loving animals.

HELP TO OUR GRANDPARENTS!! !!… they are as follows


Race: Pitbull
Age: 04/11/2009
Sex: Male
Castrated/Esterilizado: If

You need adoption of person with experience, licensed to have potentially dangerous and safe race dogs civil liability with coverage that makes the law. You need to walk much, make lots of activity.


Name: GINA
Race: X dam
Age: 23/3/2009
Sex: Female
Castrated/Esterilizado: If

Taken from the municipal Kennel of Burgos. His life has been very hard, full of puppies, using it as if were a tool to withdraw money. You need a home or a final adoption is very good.


Race: European common
Age: 01/04/2009
Sex: Female
Castrated/Esterilizado: If
I get being a puppy the Sociedad Protectora de Burgos, is shy.

Video of Mistic:


Name: ILMO
Race: Pastor Aleman
Age: 14/11/2007
Sex: Male
Castrated/Esterilizado: If

O.Su owner moves out of the city and is not, you have vision problems severe enough to barely see and surely soon run out of vision completely. You need a home forever, a blind dog can not live in the protective.

Council video:

Council video:

Council video:

Council video:

Council video:

Council video: http://uploaded/e2yjzJVO6CM

Council video: http://uploaded/03ex1bBzaxs


Race: Griffon with Hound
Age: 01/10/2008
Sex: Male
Castrated/Esterilizado: If

It is a very noblote dog, large and loving, follows you everywhere, shy when not know you, scared of men. You need a home of truth, where teach you to enjoy family life. He deserves everything.

Video of Arlanza: http://uploaded/ZwHZby2s-co

Video of Arlanza: http://uploaded/MX7iVgEg37s

Video of Arlanza: http://uploaded/Xv8xKnJsX4g

Video of Arlanza: http://uploaded/rJwMkn6O6xw

Video of Arlanza: http://uploaded/KqdgO_J8OYU

Video of Arlanza: http://uploaded/iiXT3PrTfuc