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There are older animals needing a home with more urgency than the rest in the protective. The winter of Burgos, with its low temperatures, becomes very hard for them. If you can and want to give them a home, permanently or temporarily, will appreciate you more than none. They also have the advantage of being very quiet and loving animals.

HELP TO OUR GRANDPARENTS!! !!… they are as follows


Name: LIFE
Race: Dogo Argentino
Age: 01/08/2009
Sex: Female
Castrated/Esterilizado: If
Saved from a certain death, without food, without water, attached to the Sun and looking for his death. He was just skin and bones but now already this recovered, plump and fighter. Until they do not change the laws in this country those evil born continue torturing animals, You can not indulge this barbarity.

Fighter life needs to finish their years in a home and forget his past life.


Life video: https://youtu.be/kkzHZvvfriY

Life video: https://youtu.be/95WRLZdb5Rw

Life video: https://youtu.be/fefk3gsYIUk

Life video: https://youtu.be/Ertj9wUfjGs

Life video: https://youtu.be/UK2vyxe9o20



Name: HUGO
Race: Mestizo
Age: 01/02/2010
Sex: Male
Castrated/Esterilizado: If

It is a very very good, loving, grateful loves people, all sweetness. You need a family that wants to really.