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Cats with immunodeficiency

If you love cats and want to help one who needs it really, look in this section.

Before you decide to adopt one of our Kittens with immunodeficiency, find out about the disease well. You can do this by clicking this link What is the feline immunodeficiency??


Race: European common
Age: 01/04/2017
Sex: Female
Castrated/Esterilizado: If
Saved from the Kennel of Burgos. It is a cat that came in very poor condition due to immunodeficiency, Now this very well, looking for a home where they want it, with other cats with immunodeficiency, or without cats or dogs, but with negative cats can't live.


Name: MORO
Race: European common
Age: 01/01/2008
Sex: Male
Castrated/Esterilizado: If
It is shy needs a home where they have patience and experience, She loves the cat trinkets eat mini-can and follows you everywhere when you have some of it in hand and calls you again and again.