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    Take in the protective of Burgos

    Why adopt?

    The choice depends on each, You can choose between foster and enrich a dirty and sad business of living beings, often illegal or may decide by ADOPT an abandoned animal that waits for his opportunity in a protective or this country Kennel. They, they didn't want to be born, they are the result of irresponsibility and human selfishness that belittles their lives. Many of them are abandoned soon after birth. Adoption is an act of love, own people generous and sensitive. It should not be done for reasons such as economic savings, as fast input of the animal house and much less if a minimum contempt they feel because they are mostly not of race track.

    Before adopting

    The decision to adopt must be thoughtful and consensual for the family. It is essential that all members of the family are in accordance with the new addition since they all must live together for many years and it's the adopted animal to be a source of joy not of discord.

    We think and think our animal will live many years with us, our situation may change over the years. Our lives can be affected both at the family level, sentimental, labour, as economic and it will always remain faithful to our side, but, And us? Will we be able to be equally faithful?

    Before adopting We thoroughly appreciate:

    • Our personal situation, Economic and family.
    • Our style of life and personality to choose the most appropriate animal, which fits best our profile.
    • The needs of the animal, those that we can cover, your real needs.

    As an association dedicated to animal protection, our main concern regarding adoptions is that they are responsible for, successful, and long-lasting.

    By experience, We recommend that you choose an animal appropriate to the conditions of life of each, and that is not let carry by a physicist or a boost.

    Let yourself be advised for people who care for animals, they are people who know them best. Calmly explain their way of life, to enable us to advise and recommend the most suitable.

    Conditions of adoption – Dogs

    For anyone over age, necessary to comply with the formalities of adoption:

    • Request adoption: An email will be sent to: protectoraburgos@Hotmail.com, Once received, We will contact you via email or telephone.
    • Sent the questionnaire following preadopcion for dog adoptions: cuestionariopre-adoption If the questionnaire is not correct not followed along with the adoption. If no response is received in a few days is a not.
    • Pre-adoption visit: A volunteer from the Association shall be at the domicile of the family, to personally meet the adoptive parents and to know the place where live animal.
    • Adoption contract (both dogs as cats adoptions adoptions): The adoptive parent signs a contract where accepts different clauses set forth by the Association to ensure the welfare of the adopted animal.
    • Adoption expense: Veterinary aid:

    Dogs :.

    • They are dewormed, internally and externally, vaccinated, geldings, properly identified with microchip and passport in rule, According to the law of animal protection in the community of Castilla y León. In dogs of breeds considered in Burgos ppp will require permission for the holding of these races.
    • All of the puppies that age may not have to be neutered at the time of the adoption,they have commitment to neuter the animal age 6 months. Puppies under six months of age are legally on behalf of this Association until his neuter. Once we receive the veterinary proof of castration, the Association will provide the change in ownership of the microchip, free of charge for the adopter.
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    • They are dewormed, internally and externally, vaccinated, geldings, properly identified with microchip and passport in rule, leukemia and immundeficiency test, According to the law of animal protection in the community of Castilla y León. Questionnaire pre adoption of cats: pregato, send the: Adoptions of cats: protectoraburgos@Hotmail.com
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    Note : We'd like to emphasize that with adoption expenses are only covered part of veterinary expenses that we invest since we collect the animal abandoned until its subsequent delivery adoption, so that the animals are in good condition. Without this help, could not continue serving and helping other needy animals.