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    The importance of vaccines in your cat

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    Over the years researchers have developed primary immunization systems for the correct development of the cat. The work of professionals with regard to the health of the animal is absolutely necessary, but it is even more important that we, as owners, us to become the leading protective of their well-being. For lovers of domestic cats, it is essential to know the vaccination plan to be applied to the pet. Vaccines prevent our friend suffer any possible contagion and, on many occasions, even come toSave your life. There are deadly diseases that can be prevented thanks to a simple injection and an effectiveparasite control.  

    The veterinarian, our best ally

    gato grisA follow-up is a priority of the immunization programme for our part, What involves frequent visits to the vet to receive appropriate advice. It is known by all, It's better to prevent than cure, and more in the case of our Pussycat, and thus avoid evils unnecessary. animal health specialist, After the first check-up, consisting of take a temperature, listen to you and examine ears and mouth, shall give the first dose immune. From here, an essential to your health vaccination schedule will be established.  

    Immunization of our mascot

    If we have a kitten or we are thinking of purchasing it, It is important to know the process we must follow to protect the animal to any type of medical condition. Shortly after birth, specifically 40 days later, We will have to go to the specialist for deworming. This involves the administration of a pill or one pasta special: It will be very important for subsequent vaccination. gato blanco con collar azulNine weeks of life, applies a so-called vaccine trivalent feline to protect our animal against the panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis and feline calcivirus. Fifteen days later is injecting the feline leukemia vaccine, an evil dangerous to constitute one of the major causes mortality in the feline world. An exact month we will go back to our vet for revaccinated our pet for two injections named above. It is important that we are aware of the relevance of meet the dates form required, because otherwise it would have that return to the initial process.  

    A task for life

    gato en una puertaOur work does not end here, because treatment is not only completed first immunization of our colleague. The commitment that we have acquired with our pet continues with the deworming every three months, In addition to the vaccination once a year during all life. one last tip to keep in mind: When we purchased a cat, our home will be filled with sweet Purring, but at the same time we undertake a range of responsibilities. We need to ask ourselves if we are going to be able to contribute to the new tenant the necessary care, both in health and in food. Having a pet is not to have a toy.