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    It sterilizes, adopts.

    The animal protective of Burgos, has an average population of 200 animals per month, you get households to 700 animals a year, all of this with particular help, partners, godparents, adoptive parents, donations.

    Public subsidies are teens do not cover nor a month costs, even years are non-existent, in other regions the neutering of feral cats is subsidised by councils, and carried out directly by them along with veterinary clinics, carry out a ces (captures sterilisation and release) without economic aid publishes is untenable for a private association like ours. In spite of this, We have spent four years making ces much making a huge effort.

    We do not blame not to help, We do much more than what we can. Do not criticize and help, all can move forward. With our taxes will help animals, requires administrations public investment to improve the lives of animals.