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Since the protective Association of animals and plants of Burgos and the story that appeared in the local press and on social networks that are poured falsehoods about the operation and the fate of the animals received in the refuge, We feel obliged to make the following statement.

The protector of Burgos never has been nor seen in animals that come to its facilities a business opportunity. Any animal that comes out of facilities in any case is given or sold; It has different value for being mestizo or be of race; It is not treated differently by exceed, sick or the most adorable puppy in the world. All of them for us are the same, helpless lives that need a second chance: the adoption. Each animal adopted always out, having signed a contract of adoption, with Passport, chipado, vaccinated, wormed and sterilized. In the event that these animals have to travel, are properly identified and with your documentation of travel in rule.

Has never been this protective policy enter into the discussion of the history of each animal, We are to help them, not for other things. But before its taking the facts we want to definitely clarify the case Nadal without going into any kind of debate, they are the facts, not assumptions or manipulations.

Nadal, for us Mustang.

During 5 years a dog without a chip was wandering through a village, entering and exiting at will, and being fed by a neighbor who bought feed for it. Neighbors, fed up with this situation, report the case to the competent authorities, person in the village. In the absence of solutions by the owners, the authorities inform the City Council, ordering the latter from the collection of the animal through the collection of animals from the provincial Council. It is therefore, the animal ends up in the Kennel. After the regulation time for the claim of the animal and therefore having fulfilled the legal term from which the animal could be killed, is taken from the Kennel of the provincial government by the protector of Burgos. From there begins the search for a property owner to a neglected dog that could finish perfectly run in a ditch, like so many. Somehow comes to the ears of his previous "owner" that the dog is in the protective and here is where starts the war on media and social networks. Will not be returned, under no circumstances, the dog to a person who was in your hand put it remedy and however did not.

Mustang now has a good home, a family that wants it and cherishes it.

Like when it happened it's Mustang was not any kind of public statement, this case is not going to be different. A series of events have occurred, threats and allegations which will be resolved where should be at any time in social media or press.

We are not looking for friends, We don't want to look good, do not seek postureo, We want the best for them despite you who gets upset. Perhaps many times in this desire to find the best for them may cause mistakes, but far from what is implied, everything we do is by and for them.

Enough of personalistic wars, pour charges on the protective and its members, simply discredit the work of this Association at all levels.

These people that many accusations are pouring have the head very high to get good adoptions, for a good quality of life to the shelter animals, offer all kinds of veterinary care to the animals that we have been congratulated and be able to afford them.

It won't exist any more regarding this statement, We hope that if there are to operate an animal victim of a traffic accident by irresponsible, When has that rehabilitating an animal because it has been so brutally abused is not able to have human contact, When to remove hundreds of ticks of an animal after a long abandonment, When it comes to heal wounds of ropes and cords... put the same courage and determination that is made to criticize.

Proud not to any animals, proud to not allow animals to the Group of hunters that so many animals drop out of, PROUD OF OUR WORK.

Association for the protection of animals and plants Burgos.