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    How to treat anxiety separation?

    Diagnosis and treatment

    carlino tumbado A recent study indicates that destructive behavior and improper disposal are among the behavior problems most frequent among the dogs when their owners at home. Both reactions can have different causes, but in a large number of cases, These are a consequence of the separation anxiety. Without entering complicated definitions, one can say that it is a State of anxiety and stress that appears, When the dog stays only, well when does not have access to its owner.. Their behavior changes, affecting you by the damage to the furniture House, as neighbors by the animal noises, as well as to their own welfare, Since it produces a high stress. Changes in behavior, caused by anxiety, they can respond to the following pattern of behaviors: 1. Increased activity, they are generally destructive behaviors. 2. Bark, groans and howls. 3. Loss of control volunteer for defecation or urination. 4. It is frequent that many dogs take signs of anxiety before the departure of the owners, as depressed body postures, persecution of the owner, walks, gasps, insalivacion, etc.  

    Rule out other diagnoses

    These behaviors are not why they appear at the same time, in such a way that it will depend on the can and the way they express their anxiety. The criteria to properly diagnose these States ansiogenos, in order to rule out other possible diagnoses, they are as follows:  1. These behaviors are exclusively When the owner is absent. 2. A very high percentage occurs only when the dog is completely alone at home. 3. They happen immediately after that the love is gone. perro pequeño To aid in the diagnosis, becomes very valuable the animal with a recording video camera or in his absence by a voice recorder to make a differential diagnosis. So, If the dog loses control of sphincters, can be caused by marking their territory, by an organic problem, by lack of learning or a phobia, among other causes other than anxiety separation. In the same way, the bark may be responses to certain noises, Games, phobias, territorial aggression, etc. Finally the destructive behaviors can be caused by the activity of the puppies: hyperactivity, responses to external stimuli, etc. Once discarded all these possible causes, You can talk about anxiety separation. In this sense it is important to note that the forecast of the separation anxiety is usually good, but is essential to thecollaboration of a specialized veterinarian in clinical etiology, as well as the help of a Canine educator teaching the owner to communicate better with the pet, at the time that increases the physical exercise of the dog.  

    Effective treatment

    cabeza de perroBefore you begin these brief guidelines to understand how can they correct this, It is important to mention that it will be our trusted specialist who monitor at all times the treatment. The success of the project is to combine the use of drugs with the work of training. Only the expert can guide us in these two steps, especially in the use of drugs, which are of great help in the resolution of such problems. with the training must mark a target very clear that it is breaking that dependency that has our dog to us. It is very important to not ignore our dog when we returned home, It must wait until the animal is calm; then will be the time of interact with it. We can not pay attention if you jump, pants, llorá… Since We reforzaríamos dependence. We also do case when we leave home.  

    Overcome dependency

    coker marrónIn daily coexistence master only can pay attention to the dog if it is quiet and we must try to strengthen it slowly away from us. For example, When it comes to lie down, doing so stuck to our feet we ignore him, but the moment that tip over, even if it is half a metre from us, We will talk with him, We will play, We will cherish you, We will even give you a prize. This system will soon be in the living room watching TV while your dog rests on its own initiative in another room. all interaction that comes from our dogs should be systematically ignored and we have to choose very good moments to play, talk, caress, comb, feeding does all this not to say that all these things can not be, simply that must now choose very well how and especially when. We can complete this training system, It is the backbone of the treatment, with other works.  

    Useful add-ons

    boxersThe obedience exercises they are a good complement for the treatment, In addition to a very healthy way of establishing a relationship with the dog without strengthening the attachment excessive anxiety causing. It also helps change the routines when we go, in order that our dog may not participate of its owner. It would be advisable to change the sequence: I get up, I shower I, I shave me, breakfast. I took the children to school, I take the dog and go to work. In addition to changing routines, You can combine feigning false outputs where, for example, I seen, I put my Cologne, I take the keys and, for example, I am watching TV or reading: This results in puzzle to the dog. it is advisable to make the dog exercise before you get only. It is highly recommended to use specially designed toys for when dogs are left alone are dispensares sweets or food, such as the Kong. To finish, You must not punishing the animal by the actions that had, Since the punishment is effective only if it is applied immediately after the punishable.