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    13 food prohibited for kittens


    Do you have a greedy kitten? Here is the list of foods that are harmful to the. 13 food prohibited for kittens…

    Chocolate: It is highly toxic. It contains theobromine which causes acceleration of the heart rate, diarrhea, vomiting, systemic failures, coma and death. Jack takes long time to dispose of the […]

    Obstruction of the esophagus in dogs


    When a dog ingested foreign material or food too large to pass through the esophagus, the esophagus can be locked.

    Obstruction of the esophagus in dogs

    Dogs tend to eat uncommon things. When a dog ingested foreign material or oversized foods to go […]

    Meows and destructive scratching in cats


    Cats, just like people, They also need to communicate, with us and with other animals. We are more familiar with sounds like purring and growls, but there are many other sounds that cats can do, and a variety of motives for vocalizing. Scratches can also be […]

    Cats with incontinence


    Due to physical problems, some cats may suffer from urinary incontinence. This can manifest itself in the form of tiny droplets of urine when the cat rises, or more severe form when the cat is still lying. In some cases, losses can be accompanied by a bit of blood.

    Do you have our […]

    Feline stress


    Since the 20th century, stress has become a major health problem. For humans, It seems as shaping our lifestyle, and even affects our feline friends.

    Stress and anxiety are, In fact, adaptive responses designed by nature […]

    The reason for your cat


    He moves his legs against your abdomen and drooling.

    When a kitten puts his legs against the body of its owner and rhythmically pushed or stretched with his claws, This is called “knead”. “Cats knead to be comfortable”, says Sarah Wilson (consultancy animal behaviour and co-author of Buenos […]

    The importance of vaccines in your cat

    Share throughout the years researchers have developed primary immunization systems for the correct development of the cat. The work of professionals with regard to the health of the animal is absolutely necessary, but it is even more important that we, as owners, us to become main protectors of their well-being.   […]

    The feline panleukopenia


    What is the feline panleukopenia?

    It is a highly contagious disease, caused by a virus that affects cats of any age, Although they are more sensitive younger kittens from 1 year, above all the 2-4 months of life, sick cats and domestic cats do not even.

    It is a disease […]

    Canine Parvovirus


    Parvovirus is one of the more frequent in dogs contagious diseases. In some countries it is the most common canine illness.

    Parvovirus is caused by a virus that carries the same name. This disease affects the digestive tract of dogs and can affect the heart muscle in puppies […]

    Canine distemper


    Canine distemper, also known as canine distemper, It is one of the communicable diseases more common and lethal for dogs.

    Canine distemper affects the digestive and respiratory tract of dogs. In advanced cases, It can also affect the nervous system.

    This disease is caused by a […]