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We already have our beautiful calendar 2019, This year with photos of our collected in their wonderful families, they are some beautiful pictures, These photos make us think that we have to continue to fight to continue to find those families of 10. We were excited to see them so, the road was worth it.


Points of sale:** Protective of Burgos. Carretera quintanadueñas, km. 2.8

**Gamonal Veterinary Clinic. Avda of human rights 54.

** Shoe Calzaditos: Street rooms number 16.

** Hairdressing Tony calle Madrid 13.

** Commercial and veterinary Fisac Street roads 4.

** Calle San Pedro Cardeña mixed dog grooming 20.

** Veterinary Clinic Aguilar Street San Pedro Cardeña 28.

** Newfoundland (pet products) Avenida Palencia 23.

** Cinops Castilla Pentasa III.

** Nebursa Avda Constitution 20.

** Peponas. Grandmontagne 21.

**Veterinary Clinic Vistalegre Calle Vitoria Balfe 10.

** Tea special, Plaza Barcelona s/n

** Almudena de el Valle. Style canine walk of fountains 3.

** Eco 30 laundry Calle Doña Constanza, 13, 09007 Burgos.

** K9 Spa Club: AV. Cantabria, 23, 09006 Burgos.

**Addae aesthetics: Calle Juan Bravo, 09006 Burgos.

** Prada Veterinary Clinic: Calle Luis Cernuda 14-09006 Burgos.

** As the dog and cat: Calle Vicente Alexaindre 15. Burgos.

** Sol latino. Street pharmacist Obdulio Fernández, 40, 09006 Burgos.

**Butcher galleries Mexico. Avda del Cid 74. Burgos.

***Peluqueria Stilo and Color Street St. Julian of Burgos.

*** Tropical Zoo: Avda del Cid nº 66. Burgos.