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    Adoption of animals

    Why adopt?

    There are a few Spain 300 Shelters and kennels of abandoned animals.

    Why abandoned are animals?

    Some of the reasons are: I case, me divorce, I am pregnant, I have allergies, I have a child, I move floor, scratch my parquet, I change job, ladra, It has grown, pees, and a long etcetera.

    If you wish to have a pet, It is advisable to adopt one of the thousands who live in shelters and kennels around the country before you buy it.

    If you adopt an animal, In addition to offering a second chance, not encourage its business. Most of the animals in pet stores come from unscrupulous breeders, and they suffer from hereditary diseases caused by inbreeding so widely used to get the pedigree.

    The impulsive purchase of an animal often leads to an abandonment.

    That is why before adopting an animal, You must be sure you want and you can have it at home, you will live many years and involving many responsibilities.

    Before adopting an animal you must keep in mind that:

    You will have a series of expenses on food, Veterinary, Accessories…

    You will have to spend time each day, give attention, walk it….

    Your House and/or garden may suffer some damage.

    In holidays or weekends, you have to take it to a residence.

    Prior to the adoption, and to know the physical condition of your new companion, make sure that you deliver you the animal:

    With the implanted microchip



    Each adopted animal leaves a space at the shelter, to another that needs it, You can take your place.

    Advantages of adoption

    Thousands of cats and dogs end up in shelters no fault. Separated from loved ones, Although this affection does not usually have been reciprocal, they are surrounded by other unknown individuals in shelters, locked, confused, frightened and depressed, for many, the emotional devastation is enormous.

    Although for many dog and cat Cubs are more attractive, adopting an adult animal has a number of advantages that are offering a last chance to an animal that can end their days locked up in a cage.

    Advantages of adopting an adult dog:

    The protective volunteers familiar with the character of each animal and we can find which is best suited to our home.

    Mature dogs assimilate more quickly everything we teach them.

    The adaptation of these dogs to your new life is fast and easy. The animal will acquire in a short time the customs of their new home, as a basic discipline standards, do the needs on the street, etc.

    The logical damage causing the puppies are avoided you need to play, nibble and learn how to make their needs outside the home.

    The size of the adult animal is already final by what does not deliver us surprises more later.

    Those who have adopted, they agree that the ability of appreciation and affection for the new owners of the adopted animal is huge.


    Advantages of adopting an adult cat:

    Although cat Cubs may be more attractive to adopt, host an adult cat has its advantages:

    Puppies need to be educated. Although cats in general are not precisely educable, adults will already have a series of ingrained habits.

    Adult cats are cleaner. Unlike the puppies, they are not used to playing with dirty sand tray dirty House and cleaned more often, saving us with the difficult task of bathing them.

    Puppies can be very destructive. The teeth grow puppies, they have to explore the world, so you tend to bite things. Instead an adult cat already has experienced all this, and they are less destructive.

    Adult cat is less absorbent. To be more quiet and less play, they need less surveillance.

    If you have children, they can treat the animal very sharply and hurt unintentionally they are very delicate. Adult cats can escape and hide from children, Puppies do not.


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