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    To contact the protective, You can do this in the following ways: By electronic mail, in these directions:

    By phone, You can call us at the 661417648. On many occasions, We don't have time to phone, Since working with animals prevents us from, so if you call us and we do not answer, It is very important leave your query recorded on the answering machine, as well as your name and phone number so we can call us later, Thank you. Our opening hours to the public is from Tuesday to Sunday, holidays including of 11:00 hours to 13:00 hours. Rest of the hours that we are in the refuge are many are attending our animals to the important.

    The walks are on Sunday afternoons on the following schedule: times temperatures suitable for the animals (do not heat) of 11:00 a. 13:00 hours and times of high temperatures of 10:00 a. 12:00 hours. When is suspended by reason of lack personal or by weather of the time is warns by means of Facebook, also you can ask in any of them emails of contact.

    By postal mail:
    Association for the protection of animals and plants Burgos.
    CTRA. Quintanadueñas km 2,800.
    09003 Burgos