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Become a partner or sponsor

We want to remind you because many people ask it to us of the protective supports are, basically is the contributions private since public subsidies cover the years that have been spending a month food.

Private contributions means, partners, godparents, donations, support of companies with donations in kind, adoptions to cover veterinary expenses.

Thanks to you we can accommodate the large number of animals that pass through our facilities and collect 700 animals a year.

Thank you of heart by not looking elsewhere, Thank you for always being there when you have needed, Thank you for trusting us and support us in our hard rescue work, cure, host, get home to so many abandoned animals.

Awareness is very important and that society does not see animals as beings suffering and there is a respect we can not move, There is a long way to make many laws to change, We are confident that the authorities will ensure respect for animals and their welfare.

If you want to become a partner or sponsor here you have our newsletters, indicate that if a request is not answered, not received response within a period of one month means that the application has been rejected. The protective is an Association of people who we need to be United, that we share the same way of doing things, the union makes the force, among all we can.


It makes us strong see them in a home, gives us power to have such wonderful people to our side supporting us . Thanks to all those who care about you animals, Thank you for being by our side and wanting so much to our collected.