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Nosy Greyhound. Necklaces precious.

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Here you can find hand-made for the Greyhound martingale collars, Galgos and all races.

All necklaces are handmade with high quality materials and love ♥ * Strong body of nylon * fabrics of high quality * top quality solid solded rings * Double and triple stitching machine

All the martingales are adjustable and anti-escape, size special can be make by order

The price of the necklaces is of 18,00 € + shipping *

If you is a refuge or an Association of rescue, Please, contact with us, apply a price very special

All martingales come with a money back guarantee of 14 days in case of failure to complete satisfaction with the product

Thank you for visiting ElGalgoCotilla!

* The cost of shipping on the neck 1 -Spain € 4,50 -Europe € 9,00

* Shipping cost to 2 necklaces - Spain € 2,00 -Europe € 4,50

* The cost of shipping by 3 or more necklaces - Spain free - free Europe